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Jefferson Maxey Consulting’s protection strategies will make certain you don’t become a victim of coverage exclusions buried in the fine print of your insurance policies.

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Shop multiple insurance agencies at once to make sure you get the package that’s best for your company at the best possible premium. Get insurance tailored to your needs with Jefferson Maxey Consulting.

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Get a no-risk review of your insurance and liability to make sure you and your business are properly protected. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you don’t pay a penny.

What Our Clients Say

As a client with a variety of business and personal interests to protect, I am familiar with many insurance policies and endorsements. It can get confusing and I sometimes wonder if I have adequate coverage or am doubling coverage on certain properties and businesses.
Drew and I met in March of 2015 through my daughter. I did not know he had an insurance background until the following year. I was preparing for our annual renewals and Drew offered to review the current policies to see if there were any coverage aspects that could be improved. I sent him the policies for one business entity to see what his work would entail.
Not only did Drew come back with a very detailed outline of each policy showing issues that could negatively impact our business, he also included items that were very positive and those that were neutral. The report was honest, easy to understand and very thorough. I did an initial review of the report, made some notes, and scheduled a phone conference for further explanation of some items. Although Drew found some troubling issues, he did not pressure me to remedy these-only to make sure on renewal, these items be addressed.
I appreciate that he is not trying to sell insurance, therefore you can trust the report is coming from an independent resource. I plan to have Drew review coverage on my remaining business and personal interests this year and continue to have a relationship with Jefferson Maxey Consulting.

Thank you,
Carolyn Allen
Naples, FL